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AED 40/Per bag

Size 100x20x10 cm

Weight ~2,6 kg

All prices are subject of VAT


100% Organic Coconut Coir for Indoor/Outdoor Agriculture 

- Ready and easy to use.

- No soil reqired.

- Just add water and brick will expand.

Jute rope in Sharjah stock
Jute rope in Sharjah stock

SIMPLE TO USE: Coco brick plant soil in growing bag is pressed and compact for convenient storage. Soak in water for the desired volume before use and mix by hand

COCONUT COIR: Pressed coco fibre coir blocks able to swell in the water to create potting soil for indoor plants and soil for outdoor plants.

HIGHLY EFFECTIVE: High moisture retention, ease of excess water drainage and aeration. Coconut substrate create bacteria and microbes for healthy roots. Provides balanced nutrient and soil ph.

ALL PURPOSE USE: Perfect for indoor/outdoor farm, cuttings, seeds, plants, vegetables, hydroponics, mushrooms and Peat-free, unfertilised, made from renewable resources, eco-friendly.

AVAILABLE VARIETIES: We are manufacturing coco soil, peat, brick, grow bags and we can offer customized packing for wholesale order in very high quality.


Two years UV protection. Any size available by preorder.

Please email us for any custom inquiries

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